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The production site of Hermann Flörke GmbH, Flörke Production SRL is located in Sibiu (RO) and is specialized in injection moulding and tooling production. 180 employees work with modern metal processing technologies to produce all our injection moulds in house, which are later injected by one or two component injection moulding machines. Our graphic design and industrial design department will consult and assist you through the process of developing your very own, personalized eraser.

ISO 9001


1978 was the year Flörke GmbH was founded in Offenbach am Main by Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Flörke. Since then Hermann Flörke Gmbh has been producing fine manicure and pedicure articles for the leather goods companies settled in the Offenbach region and the steel ware industry based in Solingen.



We produce our own wide range of manicure and pedicure articles for the self-user market as well as the beauty salons. Our professional manicure-systems can be found in all wellness areas as well as in professional nail and pedicure studios.

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Our Amazing Erasers

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our erasers - the material

environmentally friendly production in the EU;


no PVC-plasticizers;




Erasers - shapes

pic1 Gallery

W290-01 eraser round

  • Dimensions: Ø40x7 mm
  • 14
pic2 Gallery

W290-11 eraser house

  • Dimensions: 40x40x7 mm
  • 86
pic3 Gallery

W290-08 eraser stone

  • Dimensions: 60x31x10 mm
  • 124
pic1 Gallery

W280 eraser foot

  • Dimensions: 60x26x10 mm
  • 95
pic1 Gallery

W290-09 eraser XXL

  • Dimensions: 73x40x7 mm
  • 14
pic1 Gallery

W290-10 eraser heart Up

  • Dimensions: 51x47x12 mm
  • 102
pic1 Gallery

W290-12 eraser pig

  • Dimensions: 60x36x7 mm
  • 35
pic1 Gallery

W290-07 eraser BIG

  • Dimensions: 60x60x7 mm
  • 36
pic1 Gallery

W290-02 eraser rectangle

  • Dimensions: 40x20x7 mm
  • 204
pic1 Gallery

W290-06 eraser golf ball

  • Dimensions: Ø42x8 mm
  • 204
pic1 Gallery

W290-05 eraser square

  • Dimensions: 40x40x7 mm
  • 204
pic1 Gallery

W290-11 eraser house

  • Dimensions: 40x40x7 mm
  • 204
pic1 Gallery

W290-03 eraser Santa

  • Dimensions: 42x47x6 mm
  • 204




Custom shape erasers




1. Concept




5.Print finishing


3.Product preparation






Personalization & packaging




Poly-tube bag






UV print 4.0





Hot stamping



Blister package

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